Why Install an Irrigation System?

Whilst water conservation is always important, being water wise doesn't mean you have to have a brown desert for a yard, but it does mean using a precious resource like water wisely. With up to 60% of household water consumption used on lawns and gardens, installing an automatic home irrigation system is the best action you can take to control your outdoor water usage. You'll also enjoy the added advantage of unsurpassed vigorous and healthy plant growth with controlled and even watering.

Our design and consultation service produces a plan specifically for your property, whether it be a basic manual system, or the more high-tech, fully automated multi-zone irrigation system. The first step is an accurate property assessment where we meet on site to discuss your options. We analyse soil type, and take note of exposure to the sun, shade and/or wind factors and collect the following important information;

An accurate plan of your property is designed and each of your garden 'zones' are identified. Each 'Zone' requires different amounts of water - lawns require different watering to gardens - and we also consider specific themes such as wetlands, dry coastal plantings or hardy shrub areas and utilise the best irrigation product to suit.

We have an experienced team of Irrigation Technicians for the installation, alternatively we supply the plans and all materials if you prefer to install your system yourself.

Once installed, we'll check the system is working to maximum efficiency and ensuring even coverage, and then assist to programme the controller. We can also regularly service your system as required.