About Us

We are Taranaki's longest serving instant lawn specialists and have over 20 years experience in Turf management. When you buy your turf from us, your lawn is already around a year old and has been through the early traumas of germination and weed, pest and disease threats. We have grown, brushed, sprayed, fed watered and rolled long until it is strong and mature enough to transplant to your home or business.

We select the grass types depending on soil type and growing conditions.

Fine Fescue (Chewings Fescue) is a popular lawn species in New Zealand. Fine Fescue has very narrow leaves giving a very fine lawn. It also tolerates low light levels better than most turf grasses. With a little extra effort it will give you a superb lawn. One benefit that fescue has is the option to use the selective spray Gallant to control all other grass species, making it easy to maintain a pure monoculture.

Ryegrass is a fast establishing with a dark green leaf. Over the last 30 plus years it has become the most popular lawn species. It germinates quickly, establishes easily and can withstand a high amount of wear. Ryeggrass will not perform well in shady conditions but prefers moist, fertile soils and fertilised regularly to maintain it in top condition.

Tall Fescue is a cool season bunch type grass that is coarse to look at to walk on. It is very hard wearing and drought tolerant.

We use Browntop and Fescue which compliment each other showing a lovely soft fine texture. This forms one of the best all round turf lawns as it has good wear characteristics and drought tolerance and can be groomed to perfection. The best hard wearing lawn contains a fine turf type Rye grass. It has excellent wear resistance and damage repair which makes it perfect for high activity areas, kids and pets. It is medium drought resistance and we recommend a good starter fertiliser to encourage healthy root growth in the early stages after installation.

The soil types through the Taranaki region vary and good preparation will always result in good results. In general soils often require conditioning by mixing gypsum or an even better option is to dig out and replace the top 100mm with top soil. This is important as a good root zone is vital for a quality lawn long term.

To work out the square meterage, measure the area of your planned lawn and include these on a sketch of the lawn area with the length, width and any unusual features. This will help us to work out your requirements when you call for an estimate.

Ordering is easy, simply call 027 488 7396 any time and we will help to work out your specific requirements.